About Us


This family-owned company was incorporated in 1983 with a view of providing quality Indian meals at affordable prices. Manufacturing a variety of meals to exacting and high standards has allowed us to build and maintain a reputation for providing the best frozen foods.

Producing indiviually hand prepared meals with no colourings, additives, startches, thickening agents, homogenized fats or use of dehydrated products (i.e. dried onions) means we can produce restaurant quality time and time again.

Why are we so authentic...

All the Rani products are hand prepared in our kitchens, using individually sourced fresh onions, tomatoes, ginger, peppers,quality spices (some roasted and freshly ground) and rapeseed oil. There are no colourings, additives, starches or homogenized fats used in our range. The products are snap frozen within minutes of preparation and are therefore as good as just having been freshly made.


Why Rani?

  • Restaurant quality meals
  • Individually hand-prepared
  • No colourings, additives, starches, thickening agents or homogenized fats
  • Keenly Priced
  • Attractive and Eye-catching packaging
  • Selected A-Grade chicken breast fillets used
  • No dehydrated products like dried onions or ginger powder
  • Only freshly selected onions, ginger, red & green peppers are used
  • Quality spices blended to own recipes, many pre-roasted and freshly ground


Sustainability is key to our product offering. A full list of our sustainability statements can be found here or click on the link top left.


Operational statements and information can be found here

Find out More

To find out more about any of aspect of our operation please contact us or email info@ranifrozenfoods.com