Rani Frozen Foods belives in giving back, from the use of local suppliers to the training we invest in our staff. Our sustainability statements below show how far we go to do more:


Premises situated in North-East Manchester - a designated regeneration area - and gives benefit to the local area for employment with most employees walking to work.

Raw Materials

Our raw materials are individually and especially selected for their fresh and authentic flavour; and also carefully vetted by our production manager. Our spices are sourced from reputable suppliers who only import ingredients with a seal of approval. The chicken used are Grade A breast fillets, whilst the beef is Topside; all from EFSIS accreditated plants.

Our sauces are made using fresh onions, tomatoes, ginger and peppers. Many exotic spices are blended to authentic recipes, some being pre-roasted and freshly ground to bring out the best flavour and aroma. No additives or artificial thickeners are used and the rich colours in our sauces are derived naturally through our knowledge in the use of spices and different cooking processes.


We use recycled boards for our printed cartons

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